3 Possible Solutions If You Do Not Have a Neutral Wire Ready for Smart


Smart homes are such a trend in Singapore. In fact, many are building smart homes from scratch while some are making upgrades. Even those who cannot opt for a complete smart home are installing smart switches to experience great comfort.

If you are among those who have chosen to install smart switches but are residing in a home without any neutral wires, then you may be left wondering what to do. What should you do if you have no neutral wires ready for installing smart switches? Well, we shall list three possible solutions and also suggest the best.

  1.  Add Neutral Wires


In order for your smart switch to work, you can simply establish neutral wires between your present fixtures and switch boxes. This will help you upgrade your electrical system, but it is not as easy as you think. You will have to remove the present wires from the wall and place an extra wire for your neutrals. It is possible that you will not be able to do it on your own, thus you will need to hire an electrician to complete the job. Normally, this entails additional expenses, but only then will you be able to install your newly bought smart switch.

  1.  Install Dimmable Smart Bulbs


If you just want to install dimmable lights in your smart home, then you might as well choose a smart bulb. It is not difficult to install and is often compatible with other smart home gadgets.

However, if you use your usual wall switch to power your smart bulb, then it really cannot be called a smart bulb at all. Remember that in every smart home, people need to install smart switches in their home to power their smart lights.

  1.  Install Switches That Don’t Need a Neutral Wire


So far, the best option will be to install a smart switch in your home that does not need a neutral wire to be installed. Why choose for neutral wires, when you can very well do without them? Some smart light switches are available in the market, which does not need a neutral wire for installation and comes with a hub and light switch kit. You may also need additional smart light switches. Such switches come with an on-off button as well as integrated dimming functions.

After you install your smart switches, you can now connect the gadget to the hub to enjoy smart control. You now will be able to begin controlling your smart light switches easily from your phone.

Now, finding the right kind of smart switch that works without a neutral is quite difficult. It is not advisable to do guesswork as it will be costly. Thus, it is advised that you let an expert like Smart Switch City Singapore handle the work. We have years of experience and expertise in installing smart switches of different types, even those that do not need a neutral wire. By seeking our help, you will not encounter any problems and have the best smart home experience.


Just because you do not have a neutral wire does not mean that you cannot enjoy the benefits of your smart home system. In fact, you can simply add neutral wires, install a smart bulb, or, best of all, install a smart switch that does not need a neutral wire. After you have purchased your smart switch, call Smart Switch City Singapore to install it for you. By availing of our smart switch installation services, you can make the most out of your smart home system.

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