How Does a Smart Switch Work?


What Is A Smart Switch?

A smart switch is a device normally paired with a traditional light switch and operated remotely over a wireless network. Conventionally, homes with lighting have switches which need to be turned on and off manually. In contrast, smart switches once installed can be controlled remotely through a wireless network thanks to the wireless technology with which they are made. They can also be used to control other home appliances such as smart aircons, smart doors, smart locks, and many others.

What Features Does A Smart Switch Have?


Depending on the manufacturer and the circuit to which they will be connected, requirements for smart switch products can differ. Some features a smart switch can have are:

  • switching the light or other appliance on or off remotely
  • remotely checking the lighting or appliance status including if it is switched on or off
  • ability to configure the switch such that it can be turned on or off daily, weekly or other periods
  • depending on the related lighting, dimming the light and adjusting its hue
  • voice-activated controls

How Do You Connect A Smart Switch?


Although most people employ an electrical contractor to install a smart switch in their home, it is still important to be aware of its basic requirements. That way, you can better understand its wiring configuration and test if it is connected properly.

Unlike a traditional light switch, a smart switch consists of an inbuilt electronics module. This should always be connected to the power supply even when the light installation is turned off. This is to enable the user to control the bulb remotely regardless of their location.

As for the wiring connection of a smart switch, this depends mainly on how the switch is designed. In case you experience difficulty studying how your newly bought smart switch should be wired, contact a professional for assistance. They can check the requirements of your switch to ensure that it is installed properly and works correctly.

Controlling A Smart Switch Via Your Smartphone or A Smart Home System


There are many devices that you can use to control your smart switches at home. For instance, you can use smart switch apps on your smartphone in case you are looking to save. Depending on the switch’s configuration, your smartphone can configure your lights using either WiFi or Bluetooth technology. This is the preferred option for smaller homes with just one smart light switch or a few smart switches installed. In case you reside in a large home with multiple switches however, it might be better for you to get a smart home system since it better enables you to monitor and control your various appliances

WiFi Smart Switches

Most smart switches and smart bulbs have a WiFi module since WiFi is the most commonly used form of wireless technology. For this reason, they can usually be controlled through a smartphone and can communicate with various other devices. However, the main drawback is that as more devices are connected, the bandwidth used by the network increases. Other gadgets that are also connected slow down as a result.

Zigbee and Z-wave Switches

It is considered safer to use Zigbee or Z-wave smart home switches in larger buildings and homes for greater reliability and connectivity Zigbee is an open-source protocol that can be used to connect up to 65,000 devices. When it comes to data transfer, however, it has a restricted range of 60 feet. In case you require a network that provides fast transfer of data, you may want to purchase a Z-wave switch that can connect data up to a distance of 550 feet. Take note though that it can only link up to 300 devices.


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