Benefits of Using Zigbee or Z-wave Smart Switches


Zigbee Smart Switches

An increasing amount of people are starting to introduce smart switches to their home/office setup, for those that own a large number of smart switches will usually opt for the Zigbee or Z-wave communication protocol. Zigbee is an open-source protocol that allows Zigbee smart switches to automatically communicate with other Zigbee smart hubs on the network. It has a range of approximately sixty feet, up to 65,000 switches can be connected to a protocol network. In case you are currently deciding on what smart switch to install, it will depend on the type of setup you ultimately require.

Z-Wave Smart Switches

Installing smart switches at home over a Z Wave protocol will enable you to control your switches over an extremely wide distance of more than 500 feet. Since this is what is commonly referred to as a proprietary protocol, it can be used by up to 300 devices thereby forming a mesh network.

Z-wave devices are usually more expensive compared to other wireless devices. However, since the frequency they use is in the 800-900 Mhz band, they often encounter less interference from Wi-Fi-connected devices at 2.4 GHz. Take note though that a smart hub is needed for these smart switches to work.


Here are the benefits of using a smart light switch with Zigbee or Z-wave wireless protocols:


If your smart switches are running on a Zigbee or Z-wave communication protocol, you need not worry about expandability. One of the main advantages of using switches and other devices over a Z-wave or Zigbee protocol is that it is very easy to expand the network to add new switches. The user does not have to configure each switch or device separately nor is it required to set a password individually. Once the switch is turned on, it will automatically start broadcasting and discover other devices in the area using the same protocol. The hub can also be used to monitor all Zigbee/z-wave devices and respond accordingly. If the hub is changed, the settings will not have to be reset since the network is essentially a mesh network.

Wide Variety Of Home Automation Products


In addition to light switches, many different types of home automation devices can be added to the Zigbee or Z-wave home automation network. You can connect other devices like smart bulbs, air conditioners, and video cameras. Furthermore, you can monitor their status and control them remotely if needed. They can be also programmed to switch on and off whenever you want them to.

Good Energy Efficiency


Smart switch products which use the Zigbee/Z-wave protocol consume very little energy compared to other devices. They can also be programmed to automatically turn off lights and other energy-consuming appliances when not required thereby reducing energy wastage.

Does Not Limit Wifi Bandwidth

Many households in Singapore have multiple devices connected to their Wi-Fi network. Some of these devices consume a high amount of bandwidth thereby affecting the connectivity of other devices. Fortunately, Z Wave and Zigbee smart switches are designed not to reduce Wi-Fi bandwidth. Since their communication protocol and frequency range is much stronger, they are less likely to cause any form of interference.


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