Do I Need a Smart Hub for My Smart Switches to Work?


A smart hub acts as the nerve center of your home’s automation system and links each smart device together. Whether or not you need a smart hub depends on the different devices you use and how many there are installed in your home.

Most individuals in Singapore who are planning to install a smart switch are unable to determine whether they need a smart hub at all. If you happen to be among them, take note of the following information to make your decision-making much easier:

How Do Smart Switches Work?


Smart switch products are often used as a substitute for traditional switches. Unlike the latter,  WiFi is usually required for a smart light switch. However, there are also smart light switches that mainly rely on Bluetooth. Take note though that the more devices you connect to your WiFi network, the greater the bandwidth you end up consuming. In that case, you might need to upgrade your Internet plan. If you live in a small apartment, however, you should be able to have more convenience since your switches will require a lesser amount of bandwidth.


If you have a home spread over several floors and with a wide footprint, the number of smart switches you need may be much higher than most people. In case you cannot afford to buy additional smart switches however, you can opt to buy a Z-Wave or Zigbee smart switch since it can pass on your network signal to multiple other switches.

Do You Require A Smart Hub?


The best way to connect a smart switch is through WiFi or Bluetooth since it does not entail any need for a gateway system or hub. You can directly connect to your switches and not have to worry about system incompatibility.


Unlike WiFi or Bluetooth models, a gateway or hub is needed to connect a Zigbee or Z-Wave smart switch. Nevertheless, this makes it more adaptable to homes with much higher specifications. Furthermore, you will not have to consume your WiFi network’s bandwidth.

What Type Of Smart Switches Should I Use?

WiFi/Bluetooth Smart Switches

If you have just started making your residence more home-automated, it makes more sense to install a smart switch that mainly relies on WiFi or Bluetooth since they are simpler to set up and much more economical. Should have any doubts about installing your switch yourself, however, contact a professional smart switch installation service to conduct the process for you at a much quicker pace. Since they have more experience in setting up smart switches, seeking their assistance will reduce the chances of any installation problems taking place.

Zigbee/Z-Wave Smart Switches

If you are interested in expanding your smart hub or need to install additional smart switches at home, then Zigbee/Z-Wave models are much more recommended. These devices are resistant to any WiFi interference. Moreover,  they can connect other switches and make it much easier and faster for you to control your light installations. They are also versatile in that they support a wide range of other smart devices. Z-Wave and Zigbee smart switches are also your best option if you want to enjoy a cloudless, more secure, and more reliable way of controlling your light installations.

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Whether or not you need a hub comes down to the devices you have, the ones you plan to buy, and how you want to control them. Keep in mind that the smart home space, while rapidly maturing, is still relatively new. In case you have decided on installing smart switches in your home, however, contact Smart Switch City Singapore. We offer the best smart switch installation services at the most affordable prices!

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