Benefits of Using WiFi or Bluetooth Smart Switches


These days, smart devices are becoming increasingly common. Some of these devices include smartphones, smart refrigerators, smart water bottles, smart vacuums, and even smart switches. Smart switches in particular are considered as being one of the most convenient appliances you can have. In Singapore as a matter of fact, most homeowners are having smart switch installations performed since it is extremely easy to install and use. If you are among those deciding on what smart switch to get, learn  more about the two main types of smart switches in Singapore:

WiFi Smart Switches 


A wifi-enabled smart switch works by being controlled by an app or display panel. It comes with a built-in wifi adapter that connects to the local network to enable communication with the controller. Provided you have access to the Internet, you can control this switch from any location. Just be sure to know which communication protocol your smart switch should have to ensure compatibility with your other devices and appliances.

Bluetooth Smart Switches 

Bluetooth smart switches allow you to turn lights on and off remotely with the help of Bluetooth wireless networking. Thus, you can simply control your lights with the help of your smartphone. In fact, Bluetooth-enabled switches like Zigbee or Z-wave smart switches let you take full control of your lighting system without having to be near your switch.

Benefits Of WiFi Or Bluetooth Smart Switches 

Now that you are aware of the differences between WiFi and Bluetooth smart switches, take note of the following benefits they provide:

Lower Cost 

One of the most common misconceptions of installing a smart switch at home is it is extremely costly. Though installing a smart may seem a little expensive at first, it will prove to be cost-effective over the long term. This is because it allows you to save on lighting expenses by nearly up to 60 percent due to the technology it uses.

Easy Installation


The process of installing a smart light switch is as seamless as replacing any other kind of electrical switch in your house. As a matter of fact,  installing a smart switch yourself does not require any special tools besides a pair of pliers and screwdrivers. In case you are unsure as to how you should go about this process however, it is best that you contact a professional who specializes in installing smart switches.

No Smart Hub Required

If you are wondering whether you need a smart hub for the smart switch, then the answer is no. Since smart switches can directly connect to your home’s wifi network, a smart hub is not necessary. Through your WiFi network, your switch can directly connect to your smartphone through an app that you can download absolutely free of cost.


A smart light switch is a great solution if you want to enjoy the advantages of smart controls without having to invest in a smart security system or smart hub. Fortunately, Smart Switch City Singapore offers affordable smart light switch installation services depending on your needs. To learn more about our services, you can check out our website and view our previous projects.

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