Can You Install a Smart Switch Yourself?


In Singapore, installing smart switches are getting more and more popular. You too might want to install one in your home considering that smart switches have quite a lot of benefits. However, you might be in doubt as to whether you can conduct the installation process on your own. In that case, read on to see if you are capable of installing a smart switch yourself:

Familiarity With Wiring Works 


Not everybody is accustomed to installing a smart switch. As a matter of fact, wiring the switch is one thing many people may not feel confident dealing with due to a lack of knowledge and experience.

If you have neither knowledge nor any prior experience handling electrical wirings, watching DIY videos will not be sufficient. Rather than taking risks, it would be wiser to contact a smart switch installation service to install your smart switches.

Understanding of Wiring for Smart Switches


You need to be acquainted with the different kinds of wiring you have in your house and how smart switches work if you are planning to install them yourself. Doing so will help you determine if you can install smart switches at all.

If you live in an old house with knob and tube wiring, you will first have to get them upgraded to copper wiring before opting for a smart switch installation. If your house has aluminum wiring, on the other hand, installing a smart switch is not advisable.

To install smart switches at home, you must have a modern circuit breaker with a minimum rating of 100 amps since they remain on constantly and often use up a lot of power.

Dangers of a DIY Smart Switch Installation


Hiring professionals to install your newly-bought smart switch is highly recommended as opposed to doing so yourself. This is because a DIY smart switch installation can bring about the following dangers:

Incorrect Wiring

Incorrect wiring often refers to minor wiring errors or improper wiring installation. However, it can also refer to incorrect wire length or type, improper arrangement of wires, lousy wiring design, and mishandling of wires. Take note that incorrect wiring can lead to overheating and fire hazards. Thus, if you experience this problem, make sure to have an electrical wiring replacement or repair performed.

Cutting the Wires Too Short

If you have a new WiFi or Bluetooth smart switch, see to it that you have enough wires to install it to make sure that it functions correctly. Besides that, always remember to never leave loose wires exposed as they can be hazardous. In case you face confusion in regards to how you should cut your wires, hire professionals who specialize in installing smart light switches to prevent any wiring problems from taking place.

Failing To Disable the Circuit Breaker

It is vital to turn off your circuit breaker to which your WiFi or Zigbee/Z-wave smart switch is connected before replacing it. Keep in mind that this does not cause the power to your switch to be cut off unless you have crossed hot wires behind your walls. For precautionary measures, seek help from professionals who are experts in identifying such issues.

Potential Fire Hazards

Power sockets for smart switch products contain many components as well as high amounts of electricity. If these components are not installed properly or somehow get damaged during a DIY installation procedure, the sockets can eventually begin to spark. When these sparks come into contact with nearby appliances or furniture, a serious fire hazard can eventually develop. For this reason, make sure to hire a professional with expertise in smart switch installations in case you lack the proper knowledge to perform the task yourself.


If you’re interested in having a smart switch installed in your home, it is always best to hire a professional smart switch installation service rather than opting to set up the switch yourself. Contact Smart Switch City Singapore for a professional and hassle-free smart switch installation for your home.

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