Common Misconceptions of Installing a Smart Switch at Home


For over three decades, the home automation industry has experienced massive growth. With the shift from traditional layouts and interiors to modern home appliances such as smart bulbs, smart control air conditioners, and economical high-end appliances, modernity has made its way into many homes.

Among the many modern appliances which have become popular are smart switch products. Smart switches rely on Internet-connected controls to configure various devices such as entertainment systems, lights, and security cameras. Despite their benefits, many people are hesitant to purchase them due to some common misconceptions such as the following:

They Are Too Complex To Install


The term “smart home” may initially conjure some images of sophisticated panels and circuits that demand a level of proficiency to operate. As a matter of fact, many smart switches are quite easy to install and use. This is because they merely require a smartphone, wireless connection, and a one-time installer that can connect multiple smart devices to a single network.

They Consume Lots of Energy


One of the most inaccurate perceptions about how smart switches work is that they use up heavy amounts of power. In truth, smart switches are designed to consume less power than traditional switches. Furthermore, they enable the user to track their overall energy consumption rate so they can avoid costly power bills. This makes them a highly suitable choice if you are looking for light switches that are much more energy-efficient.

It Is A Security Risk

Many Internet-connected devices are vulnerable to a security breach. For this reason, some homeowners are fearful of installing a smart switch at home due to concerns that their data might get stolen. The reality however is that these devices are highly secure due to the tremendous amount of security features which they are built with. As such, you will not have to worry about your privacy being invaded once you install them.  Should you continue to have doubts, however, you can simply provide yourself with an extra layer of security by using an effective firewall on your router, data encryption to restrict unauthorized access, and unique and hard-to-guess passwords.

It Is Too Hard To Operate


Some people are hesitant to install a WiFi or Bluetooth smart switch due to the perception that they are not easy to operate. In fact, smart switches are highly easy to control provided you have a stable network connection in your home. You should also have the right smart switch apps on your phone so that you can configure your lights no matter where you are.

It Is Expensive To Purchase


The cost of buying a smart switch depends on several factors. For example, if you prefer a switch that has a personalized-built design with linked gadgets, expect the listing price for your preferred switch to be higher than simpler-looking models. Overall, however, smart switches tend to be affordable. In order to know which smart switch fits within your budget, try consulting a smart switch buying guide.


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