Smart Switch Buying Guide


Among the most popular home appliances, today which every homeowner should consider installing in their homes are smart switches. Take note that smart home lighting is considered the best way to upgrade your old lighting system. Furthermore, it can improve your home’s appearance without entailing you to spend significant sums of money. Before installing smart switches in your Singapore home, however, be sure to take note of the following:


Why Are Smart Switches Essential?

Smart switches act as a seamless midpoint between smart plugs and smart bulbs. These devices allow you to adjust your smart lights either remotely or as wall switches. Since they rely on a wireless network connection, you can easily control them using your smartphone. Besides that, they are highly affordable to purchase and can be combined with your current lighting fixtures. As a result, you will be able to save on certain installation costs once you buy them.

Like traditional light switches, smart switches come in many different types with varying configurations. In case brand is your preference, however, learn more about the best smart switch brands in Singapore.


Best Smart Switch Brands in Singapore

  1. Tuya


Tuya switches are regarded as being among the most optimal smart switches in Singapore. These switches consist of reliable smart technology developed by Tuya and provide highly convenient smart lighting functions. With the use of no-code software, they also offer reliable, safe, and efficient lighting solutions for your home. By installing them, your home is guaranteed to have a highly bright and relaxing atmosphere.

Some of the features found in Tuya switches include motion sensors which automatically prompt the light installations to turn on once human movement is detected. There are also sensors that automatically prompt your ambient lights to turn on as well. Should you wish to avoid any unnecessary distractions caused by these sensors, you can simply deactivate them using your smartphone.

In regards to the requirements of Tuya switches, you will need either the Smart Life app or Tuya app to control them. You can also do so through Google Home and Amazon Alexa. In addition, see to it that you have a Wi-Fi connection of at least 2.4 GHz to ensure seamless control of your smart switches.

Installing smart switches from Tuya is relatively easy since they do not require a neutral wire. In case you experience difficulty setting them up however, contact a professional to assist you.


  1. Aqara


If your electrical engineer failed to include switches on both sides of your long staircase or corridor, you need not worry. You can simply have Aqara smart switches installed since they allow you to adjust lights from different locations without requiring you to install new wiring. These switches use a wireless ZigBee control system which makes it easy to operate your switches remotely. You can even lower the brightness of your bedroom lights so that you can wake up much more comfortably. These switches are also easy to integrate with your existing lights without any need to do additional electrical installations. Furthermore, you can adjust them easily to fulfill your lighting needs no matter what location you are in.

Some features of these WiFi/Bluetooth smart switches include seamless light switching to power on your lights once you walk into your room. There is also a one-touch function that allows you to turn your lights on or off with just a press of your finger.


  1. Broadlink


These switches include a wireless control system that allows you to remotely control your lighting system. They also come with Wi-Fi-controlled LED lights to enable you to use your IOS/Android smartphone to switch your lights on or off your lights from any location. As such, you will easily be able to keep out any intruders from your home. Besides that, these devices also improve the stylishness of your home by way of a glass crystal board. There is also a timer-awakening mechanism that allows your lights to be switched on automatically whenever you prefer. Overall, Broadlink smart switches are easy and straightforward to use.


  1. Kyla by Aztech


If you plan to upgrade your home lighting system by implementing a customized smart switching system, you may want to buy Aztec smart switches. Through the Kyla App, Aztech smart switches allow you to turn on or off your lighting or smart curtain device from any location so you can have a comfortable and secure way of conserving your home’s energy usage. You can even pre-set the smart switches for your Aztec air conditioner so when the temperature starts to rise, your room is automatically cooled.


  1. Sonoff


Sonoff switches allow you to control your curtain system, lighting, and air conditioner automatically. In fact, you only need to use your Android/IOS smartphone to control your home’s lighting system even when you are outdoors. You can even switch on or off different lights at the same time provided you do the necessary configurations with your smartphone.

These switches require a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection so you can integrate them with your smartphone and remotely control your lights. They consist of three modes of operation namely:

  • Self-locking mode: This allows you to disable your connected devices instantly and separately.
  • Interlocking mode: This allows you to turn one device on and the other off simultaneously.
  • Inching mode: This allows you to turn on all connected devices for a few seconds and then shut them off immediately.


Important Things To Consider Before Installing Smart Switches


When installing smart switches at home, It is essential to consider factors, such as whether your switch is compatible with your existing lights and devices including speakers like Google Home, Alexa, Siri, and others. A switching system that can integrate with such devices means more ways of regulating your home’s light installations.

Connection Protocol

o Switches that use WiFi

Since WiFi is the most widely used wireless communication technology, most of the smart switches have a WiFi module. This can be controlled using the smartphone and the various devices can be configured to communicate with it. However, the main disadvantage is that the bandwidth used will increase when more devices are connected, and this can affect live streaming and other applications using the same network.

o Switches that use Zigbee/ Z-wave

In larger buildings and homes, which use home automation extensively, it is better to use Zigbee or Z-wave smart home hubs for greater reliability and connectivity. Zigbee is an open-source protocol that can be used to connect up to 65000 devices. However, it has a limited range of 60 feet for data transfer. When reliable connectivity is required over a larger area, it is better to the proprietary Z-wave hub with a range of 550 feet. However, less than 300 devices can be connected to a Z-wave hub.



Once you have considered what type of smart switch you want to install, the features you want, and what platforms and protocols you prefer, contact a professional smart switch installer to set it up for you. To avail of the best smart switch installation services at the most reasonable prices, contact Smart Switch City Singapore.

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