6 Tips On Selecting A Smart Hub To Control Your Smart Switches At Home


A smart switch is a device that allows you to control any smart lights connected to it. In Singapore, there are multiple smart switches you can buy which allow you to turn on your smart lights when you need them even when you are not at home. Examples include Tuya smart switches, Kyla smart switches, and many others. These work better and are more practical to use if you control them through devices such as a smart hub which combines different communication systems including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-wave, Zigbee, WeMo, etc.

At Smart Switch City Singapore, we have prepared the following 6 tips for choosing a smart hub that will allow you to easily control the smart switches you have installed at home:

Note that to purchase any smart hub you want, you must make a list of the smart devices you own so that you can confirm whether the hub you are installing works well with those devices.

1. Voice Automation


Look in the market for security systems such as the ADT which comes with a smart security hub meant to be vocally armed or disarmed through pairing with a smart switch, smart bulb, and other smart devices.

An excellent smart hub that operates with voice command must be able to:

  • Turn lights on and off via an installed smart switch.
  • Activate/deactivate locks, sensors, thermostats, and even household appliances.
  • Elevates the entire experience of managing a smart home.

Imagine “informing” your smart hub on your iPhone that you will be home in 15 minutes. The smart hub starts arranging and will allow you to enter a cozy home with tea ready in your smart kettle!

2. Communication Protocols


The best smart home hub is the one that has the most communication protocols since this also consists of the most important interconnection options and open rules. By purchasing this, you can achieve the automation you want in a single program. Furthermore, it will allow you to establish your desired automation, save your home during an emergency, and make everyday life more convenient. Thus, find a smart hub that integrates most communication protocols.

If, for example, you want to make sure your children will never enter your home with the lights turned off. You can set your hub such that it turns on the lights connected to the smart switch you have installed every time one of your children’s mobile phones is within range of the WiFi network.

3. Multi-user Support


Smart bulbs and smart hubs that provide multi-user support provide access to other family members with the same levels of ease and comfortability. Moreover, it allows programming for both individual and group use. Hence, it is advisable that you look for a smart hub that has a “modes and scenes” function or any similar functions. These devices allow adjustable automation for individual family members. For instance, they can ensure that the lights connected to your home’s smart switches increase one or two degrees higher on days when Grandma is visiting or automatically dim during baby’s daily nap.

4. Device-to-device Connectivity


Smart hubs with this feature help create routines and customize schedules when action on one device triggers a specific action on another. For example, while the owners are away from home, the motion sensors can be configured to activate the security alarm and the WiFi/Bluetooth smart switch to prevent intrusions. When an intrusion occurs, the hub will prompt the locking of all doors and closing of blinds. Alerts are also sent right away to the nearest police station.

Please note that not all smart hubs are designed to have such features. Therefore, make sure the one you plan to install offers device-to-device automation capabilities.

5. Web Services

Look for a smart home hub that is web-enabled so that you can automate more advanced suite of services such as your thermostat and video applications.

At Smart Switch City Singapore, our installers can easily connect your control link port to any open port on your router or add a network switch that allows for a broader connection range. Thus, contact us today if you need any assistance.

6. Ease of Use


Just like smart light switches, smart home hubs are made to simplify time management and even everyday mistakes.

Check the smartphone applications of different smart hubs before deciding which product to purchase. See to it that it is easy to configure and that it allows you to integrate two or more devices. Besides that, make sure it comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. A smart home hub with battery backup will spare you any worries about power loss.


Before purchasing a smart home hub, you need to list down the smart devices that you own and check if the hub works well with your devices. The first thing you need to check is the voice automation and communication protocols. Next is the multi-user support so that each family member can access the hub. You might also want it to have device-to-device connectivity so you are notified if a break-in occurs in your home. It is also important to look for a smart hub that is Internet-based so that it programs your needs when you are within your WiFi’s range. Lastly, check if it is easy to use so you can easily access your installed smart switch.

Should you be unsure about whether your smart switch and smart hub are compatible, contact Smart Switch City Singapore. We have a variety of smart switches which we can install for you at affordable rates.

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