5 Ways to Protect Your WiFi Smart Switches Against Hacking


It definitely feels great to have a smart home. Things become so easy and even simple to control. Moreover, if you have a smart switch installed, you can surely experience more ease in controlling your lights even when you are away from home.

However, you should also be aware that a smart switch (be it a Kyla or Tuya smart switch) can put your home at risk if not properly secured. In fact, any home can become a profitable opportunity for hackers if the installed smart hub or smart switches are not well protected. Using the connected network, the hackers can gain access to your personal details and surveil you as well members of your family. Remember that a home network that is not secured can pave the way for identity theft, burglary, privacy violations, and many more. The harm which can result is a lot more than you can imagine.

Fortunately, all you need to do is have a proper defense plan for securing your smart switch so you can enjoy its benefits. You need to make action to protect your smart switch against hacking, and we’ll share five ways of doing so.

  1.  Name Your Router


Your router comes with a name that the manufacturer gave it, and just like many other people in Singapore with a smart switch or smart bulb, you too perhaps feel that it is alright.

However, the name may help identify the model or maker. Thus, it is ideal to change the name to something that is not common and not linked to you. Although you may think this security is not important, it is actually necessary to prevent your WiFi or Bluetooth smart switch from being hacked.

  1.  Secure Your WiFi Network

Now that you’ve changed your router’s name, the next thing you must do is to protect your home’s smart switch to prevent your network from getting viewed. You can find this option in the settings menu of the router.

It is also possible to create another WiFi network just for your smart switch. Most routers allow users to create several networks and each can create its own name as well as passwords. This will help keep your installed smart switch safe from hackers.

  1.  Use Strong Passwords


If you have been following the old-fashioned system for creating passwords, then it will just be easy for the hackers. It is time to understand the importance of passwords.

Once you have a new smart switch installed, immediately change its default password. Otherwise, the password of your WiFi router and your smart light switch can be easily discovered by just being searched online. Thus, make sure to create a unique password that is difficult to guess and add numbers, capital letters, and characters.

  1.  Keep Your Devices And Software Up To Date


You need to register your newly bought smart switch because companies regularly offer software updates that help fix any security concerns and bugs.

If any weakness is discovered, then you will require the software updates of the company to fix it. Also, when you install any related applications, carefully check what permissions you are granting. If you find anything unnecessary, then do not grant permission.

Some people deem this as having little effect on how a smart switch works. However, if you just grant permissions without checking, you are making things effortless for the hackers and more complicated for you.

  1.  Have Your Switches Professionally Installed


You might feel that you can easily install a smart switch yourself. While you are able to do so, there is no guarantee that you will do it the right way. After all, you do not have enough experience or knowledge in handling smart switch devices.

Rather, let a professional like Smart Switch City Singapore handle the installation. Each of our experts goes through a period of training and only then are they allowed to perform any smart switch installation task. Also, we have years of experience and have installed smart switches and other smart devices in many homes in Singapore, thus we are experts in installing smart switches.

Whether you have a Sonoff or Broadlink smart switch, we can install your smart switch for you efficiently and at the right place so that you enjoy a perfect smart home experience. Furthermore, we also help you know how you can keep your smart hub, devices and your home safe from hackers. Not only is the perfect installation of smart switch devices important to us, we also give as much value to your safety and security.


Adapting into a smart home is much enjoyable as it is easy and simple to control your lights, fans and other devices. Although having a smart home can also put you at risk because of the hackers around. Therefore, it is best to protect your WiFi smart switches by renaming your router, securing your network, creating a unique and difficult password, keeping your device software updated, and have your smart switches installed by a professional like Smart Switch City Singapore.

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