Pros & Cons of Controlling Your Smart Switches with a Smart Hub


Almost every home in Singapore has a smart switch installed alongside other smart home automation technology. As you continue to install more and more smart switches, you need to find a way to keep them all integrated. This is where a smart hub comes in. With a smart hub, your smart switches can work with your Bluetooth, WiFi, and other networks like Z-Wave and Zigbee.

However, just like any other device, smart hubs have their share of pros and cons. Some of these include the following:


  1.  Better Automation


One of the best things about choosing a smart hub is that you can centralize the automation of your smart home. Basically, the smart hub will unite every smart switch that you own, and this centralization will prove to be very useful. A smart hub can easily absorb different networks, and unite WiFi and Bluetooth switches, as well as Zigbee and Z-Wave, switches in a single app that can be easily managed.

  1.  Energy Efficiency

A smart hub can turn off your smart switch and other smart products when you are not using them. This removes the drain of energy that is caused by home appliances and thus improves energy conservation. You will definitely be pleased once you notice the significant decrease in your power bills.

  1.  Convenience


A smart hub makes things a lot more convenient. It connects all your installed smart switches and other smart devices within your home network. In fact, you won’t need to walk around if you want to turn on your lights because you can control your smart light switch remotely. Your smart hub will also digitize the manual steps needed to operate your devices. Furthermore, you will be able to command, schedule, and control everything from a single interface.

  1.  Remote Access

Since each of your smart devices is connected to the Internet through a smart hub, you can access your devices no matter where you are provided you have Internet access. Hence, even if you forget to turn off your smart lights upon leaving home, you can still switch them off with your home’s smart switch via your smart hub.

  1.  Safety

A smart hub also helps make things more secure for you. For as long as you have added windows, door sensors, and security cameras, you will be able to guard your home from anywhere. You will also get notifications if any movement is detected while you are away.

  1.  Customization


How many wireless or WiFi smart switches you need to install  depends on your needs. Either way, a smart hub will prove to be useful. You can even customize it keeping in mind whether you live in your own house or apartment, have a self-monitoring smart security camera, which part of your home you desire to be automated, and your budget as well.


  1.  Cost

Smart hubs also do not generally come with displays or speakers. Yet, they are costly to purchase because of the computer protocols within them. It can also be quite pricey to pay for a smart hub especially if you have just spent heavily on buying and installing a smart switch.

  1. Lack Of A Global Protocol


Because a smart hub does not have a global protocol, it is often unable to facilitate communication between different smart gadgets. Therefore, in order to work with your smart hub, your smart switch, smart bulb, and other smart devices must be compatible with each other. If not, you will have to log in to several apps to control your smart devices which can be very confusing. Fortunately, you can hire Smart Switch City Singapore to make things easier. We can install smart switches and a smart hub for you as well as help you resolve compatibility issues and advise you on what to do to enjoy the best smart home experience.

  1.  Lack of Security


Unfortunately, online vulnerability and cybercrime are common problems faced by many nowadays. If your smart hub gets infiltrated by some cybercriminal, then your WiFi or wireless smart switch and other devices that are connected can become easy targets. However, you can prevent this with the help of identity theft protection services.


Every smart device comes along with its advantages and disadvantages including a smart hub. Smart hubs are known to be convenient, energy-saving, and helps to keep you and your home safe at all times. At the same time however, they are costly and are not always compatible with other smart devices. Furthermore, they lack the security needed to prevent cybercrime and other related acts. In case you have decided on buying a smart hub, seek professional assistance from Switch City Singapore. Contact us to learn more about our servicing costs.

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