5 Common Issues of Smart Switches and How to Fix Them


Whether you have bought a new home or plan to improve your current one, you must have certainly thought about using smart technology. When it comes to smart technology, the best way to get started will be by installing a smart switch.

Generally, smart switches are designed as a replacement for standard built-in switches in order to allow for much easier light control. However, no matter how beneficial these switches are, they can experience a number of issues if not properly installed. The following is a list of some these issues and how to resolve them:

  1.  Voice Assistant Fails To Respond


Most people with smart hubs or smart switches make use of Google Assistant, Siri, or Alexa. Although these do not require complex installation procedures, there can be times when they fail to respond. Should you encounter this problem, make sure your installed smart switch is connected to the internet and check if the microphone is turned on.

If you have more than one voice assistant, it is possible that the wrong device is capturing your voice commands. In that case, you can simply change the wake words of each of your devices or simply move them so that they are far away from each other.

  1.  Switch Can’t Connect All Lights

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Another common issue that people face with their newly bought smart switches is the inability to connect to all lights. When this happens, check if you are using multiple apps. Even if your smart lights can connect to more than one app, it is best that you use only one program or app to control them. If this fails to resolve the problem however, then it is possible that your switches have a hardware defect. In that case, call Smart Switch City Singapore to install new smart switches for you.

  1.  Connectivity Problems


Though there are smart switches which only need to be connected through Bluetooth, most require WiFi in order to operate. WiFi smart switches however can experience connectivity issues which may cause them to stop working entirely.

If your WiFi’s speed is somewhat weak, then it is advisable to have it upgraded to ensure better connection. In case your WiFi is stable however, try moving your home’s smart switch closer to your router or mode. You can also try to unplug these two for a few seconds and then replug them to see if their performance improves.

  1.  Rapid Battery Drainage

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No matter how well manufactured it is, the batteries of your installed smart switch will eventually drain rapidly if its settings are not properly configured. To make sure that the batteries of your switch do not drain faster than usual, check your smart switch’s settings and see to it that it has a stable connection. Remember that the batteries of any smart switch or smart bulb will drain much more quickly if it is unable to connect to a stable network. If possible, install your smart switch close to the central point of your home network. That way, you can ensure that your device does not lose power too quickly.

  1.  The Switch Is Hard To Control


Controlling your lights with a smart switch should be much easier than having to use traditional light switches. However, there can be times when adjusting your lights with the use of your phone can be extremely cumbersome. If you experience this, try seeing if your lights are properly wired. Also make sure that your Internet connection is stable so that your home’s smart switch and smart lights can communicate properly.


If you choose to automate your home, be aware that there are issues you might encounter if some of your smart switches are not correctly set up or configured. Fortunately, these can be resolved easily. For instance, if your voice assistant fails to respond, make sure that your switch is properly connected to the Internet and that your microphone is turned on. As for the switch failing to connect to all lights, check if you are using multiple apps. In case you struggle with connectivity problems however, upgrade your Internet plan or move your switch closer to your router. You can also do the same if it drains its batteries too quickly. Lastly, if your switch is somewhat hard to control, make sure that your lights are properly wired and that you have a stable Internet connection.

To prevent your smart switch from experiencing problems, contact Smart Switch City Singapore. We have a team of experienced professionals who can ensure that your installed smart switch serves you well for the long term.

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